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Reviews in Las Vegas, NV

Best dog grooming place in Vegas- down to earth, affordable/fair and precision services with love and care.
Bear sees Roxanne- she is amazing every time. Thanks Roxanne!

- Emily M.


I absolutely adore this place! I took my one year old hyper-active Maltese-Shihtzu for a bath here today and we could not be happier!!! Right away, Charles from the front desk (I believe his name was) made me feel comfortable and at ease knowing they're going to take great care of my baby. I warned him that she can get a little loud since she suffers from anxiety, but she quickly warmed up to him and Casey, the one giving her a bath. I came back an hour later and my fur baby looked amazing and smelled so pretty! I love the cute bandana they put on her too! Super friendly staff and very affordable prices. Paid $25 for the bath and left a $5 tip. Her fur never looked so healthy. Never going to Petsmart again! I'm extremely pleased with this place and will definitely come back!!!

- Christia L.


Our sweet girl got sap in her fur while on vacation in Lake Tahoe. I decided I would try a groomer because it is impossible to get out. I Paid $25 for a shampoo, nail grinding, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning and left a $5 tip. Mitch was the one who bathed her. Sadie was a bit skeptical of him at the beginning but when I picked her up an hour later she was her normal go lucky self so you can tell she warmed up to him:) She smelled lovely and we decided to cut some fur to get the sap out. I'd recommend them! She looks great:)

- Georgette K.


I've been coming to Barks and Bubbles for several years. I love the work they do. My dogs were first groomed by Fern; and I loved her work. When she left we thought we wouldn't be as happy; however, we were pleased to work with Ruben as he does an excellent job with our little ones and they love him, especially our Gizmo!

- Emily A.


Charles has endured my 2 miniature Schnauzers, Tippy and Scamp; even to walking them for me. Though adorable at 1st glance they both bite, a lot. Charles was the only one to handle the beasts.

- Phil D.


OMG! I simply love this place and the people in it! Just moved from Florida and was tasked with finding a groomer. I combed through Yelp to find someone for my Smokey and fortunately stumbled on this place. I was able to get an appointment 3 days out and couldn't be happier with the services. Phone call reminder and a great report for pick up! Wow. I have found my new groomers.

- Cee S.


This place is awesome! I have a Pomeranian that's super hyperactive and they can get him to sit still long enough to get him groomed. The first time I took my dog, Rubin worked on him and gave him the perfect teddy bear cut. It was even all around and looked natural, not choppy like other places have left it.

The second time I took him, another groomer worked on him and they left it a little longer than I wanted. But other than that, this place does a great job.

- B. B.


what can i say? it was a great experience in this dog groomin salon. place was clean, run professionally and great service. my dogs had a bad experience in another dog groomer within westcliff and buffalo- start with Man's....wanted to find a place that would treat my ort like theirs when providing nail trim or other services. i was ahhmazed how Sean took care of both my dogs. my dogs were so happy. i will definitely come back and recommend to other pet lovers.

- Elizabeth S.


My wife and I have been bringing our dogs here exclusively for the past four years. I should have written a 5 star review previously but simply never got around to it. Today though, I was compelled to because I was made aware they are not just dog groomers but angels sent from heaven.

The backstory...
My beautiful little boy Q-Tip, a Bichon Frisé has not been doing well. He's 13.5 years old and has been in decline the last 2 months or so. Recently he's stopped eating much at all and paces around endlessly, losing his balance and also about 25% of his body weight. We've come to realize as hard as it is, he will need to go sleep soon if his weight loss and eating habits don't improve. The vet has him on an appetite stimulant.

Back to the review...
As such he's become filthy since between both trying to feed him his medication and changing him to wet foods has made him vomit, poop, and drool on himself. Thus, I wanted him fresh and clean when it comes time for his trip across Rainbow Bridge. He is a gentleman, and always has been, so when he is reunited with our Cocker Spaniel Daisy and all her new friends in doggie heaven, he must look his best.

Charles and staff, seeing how unwell and skinny he was, and not being his normal self physically and mentally, treated him with the utmost respect, lovingness, and care. These are people who do what they do not just for their livelihood. It is said to be successful in this business you have to love and care more for these animals than the almighty dollar. Today they showed us just how true that really is. They handled his fragile body tenderly and cleaned him sparkly fresh. They made sure they kept him as comfortable as they could, and when my wife left the shop she was asked to keep them updated on his condition.

We also have another beautiful two year old at home and Barks and Bubbles will always be our go to place for grooming, no matter where we live in this valley. I implore anyone looking for a groomer to go to this shop. They really are the best.

- Michael B.


My pup was way way overdue. Rubin was her groomer and will be from now on. Best price I have ever been charged for grooming. Friendly professional staff I strongly recommend! :)

- Tonya A.


Our girls first time here and they look great! Short smooth haircuts for the summer! Hi5 to Charles, very friendly gentleman at the reception and great grooming works form groomers(will find out their names next time)! Wished we had found this place sooner!

- Aaron L.


Another 5 stars for the second visit. I was able to make appt at the last minute the day before. The gentleman at the desk knew Frankie and Gidgets name when I walked in and Star came out right away to greet them. Not one single scab on Gidget again! She must know something all of the other groomers don't know! They bit looked ADORBS. As I was leaving they were sniffing a lot outside so we were slowly getting to the car. The gentleman came out and asked if they were ok or if I needed help which I thought was very nice. I highly recommend Star!

- Tina H.


We rescued our baby Mia last year and knew nothing about grooming a maltipoo. The staff here was exceptionally helpful and took such great care of our baby. Not to mention it made us feel better as a pet parents dropping off our fur child with such kind and caring individuals. They never pull and tug on her leash to take her at drop off, they have always picked her up and give her time to warm up to them first. (One time we took her to petsmart we experienced our pup being tugged, yanked, and being mistreated while groomed.) Barks and bubbles always gives us what we want when it comes to grooming and style for our pup, while their prices are very affordable and we couldn't be happier as pet parents.

- Francess C.


Love this place! People are very nice and treat my dog like a prince. Remy came home happy and sparkling clean, weighing 5 lbs less from all of the brushing his hair out. He only gets a bath and brush so I can't speak about the haircuts. I wholeheartedly recommend this place, especially Casey the groomer. Give them a try and you also will likely be so pleased that you will want to hug your dog all day long!

- Stacey S.


Everyone here is always so nice and they do the best job with my Bayley. She always come out with her tail wagging and the biggest smile. Thanks guys for treating her like your own.

- Veronica S.


I was looking for a groomer for my dog upon first arriving in Las Vegas and I decided to give Barks and Bubbles a try about a year ago. I have been a customer ever since. The staff is friendly and the business is clean and modern and always smells fresh (my pet peeve is when a grooming salon smells "doggy" ). Pierre (my dog) always comes out happy and looks great, with a cute little bandanna around his neck. I have attached his "glamour shot" that I snapped after his last appointment. So far, so good! :-)

- Krista R.


This place is amazing! First time here and I am so happy with my dog & the entire service and experience!
I wish I could give it more than 5 stars! My baby Rex looks so good & is so happy!

- Ari C.